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You don't have to buy a horse to be a member but you do have to be a member to buy a horse.


Pre-Purchase Horse Shares

You decide based on your individual budget how many shares that you would like to purchase.


Vote On The Horse Choices

Each pre-sale member will have a vote on which horse we should claim.  We will provide 2-3 horses and then you will decide on your next racehorse.


Watch and Enjoy!

You will now own shares of a thoroughbred racehorse of your own selection.

Join The Revolution!

You Choose Your Horse!

Join The Racehorse Revolution!

You get to vote on the horse that we will claim and you will own.

This process literally turns the racehorse claiming industry upside down. You will have the power and you will have the say. 

We Are All In This Together!

Every Share Of Every Horse Is Exactly $100

Full Transparency

Q: Do I need to be a member to buy a horse?
Yes.  When you register during the purchase of your Call2Post LIFETIME Membership it unlocks your ability to purchase shares of your next thoroughbred racehorse.

Q: Is the cost of a horse share really $100?
Yes.  Every share of Every horse is exactly $100.  This also means that each share DOES NOT equal 1% of the horse.  The percentage varies based on the level of horse you select.

Q: Are there any other fees besides quarterly dues?
Yes.  There is a $20/mo fee to manage the horse.  As you can imagine there is a significant effort during the time in which a horse is in our stable.  The first 3 months is collected up-front.

Q: Are there any quarterly dues?
Yes.  However, the initial 3 months have been built into the pricing up-front so you will not be paying any additional dues until month four (if we have the horse in our stable that long).  

Q: How much does it cost to become a LIFETIME member?
$100 provides you all the feature and benefits described on our Membership Page. Click the Member Sign-Up button in the top right corner of this page to be redirected.

Q: What happens monetarily when the horse leaves our stable?
All of the expenses will be subtracted from the prepaid quarterly dues. The remainder will be added to the racing profit.  The balance is returned based on the number of shares you own. 

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